The best psychiatrist in Kolkata Dr. Sagnik Mukherjee is focusing on stress management during locked down.

He is suggesting to grow a positive attitude inside us by accepting that there are things we can not control. He is also asking us to become more assertive, but not aggressive. During this pandemic, we need to focus on better coordination between body and mind, and for that Dr Mukherjee is suggesting light exercise every day & to eat healthy, well-balanced meals.

“We can learn how to manage things and time & increase efficiency in everything we do, rather than panic. We have to learn how to say no to the stress,” says the psychiatrist. He is also suggesting getting enough rest, sleep so that the mind and body can relax, as well as saying no to any kind of drugs or alcohol. If required seek psychiatric help available, or when possible. Call Kolkata Psychiatrist, Dr Sagnik Mukherjee at 98313-13020

Dr. Sagnik Mukherjee_Trusted Psychiatrist in Kolkata

Mental Health Research Centre (MHRC) is a psychiatric clinic in Jodhpur Gardens, Kolkata with a team of qualified psychiatrists and psychologists. It is been run by Dr Sagnik Mukherjee (MBBS; MD; MIPS; MIAPP) the best psychiatrist in Kolkata. Dr Sagnik and his team do psycho-diagnostic tests and also give effective treatment for most types of mental conditions, for all ages. Dr Sagnik Mukherjee is a Consultant Psychiatrist and de-addiction specialist, practising in MHRC with over a decade of experience in the field of mental health. He has attended multiple national and international conferences on psychiatry & related topics besides delivering lectures & appearing on TV. His area of interest is geriatric mental problems, and child psychiatry. To book an appointment visit 164/A2 Prince Anwar Shah Road Lake Gardens City 700045 or please call 9831 313 020.

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