Depressed And Low?? Try Following These 8 Things

There are certain days in our daily routine life when you just feel low, don’t want to come out of bed, and don’t want to eat or take a shower. You feel body ache, not feeling good and especially a very low mood. This feeling of depression or loneliness or disinterest in any work is possible to overcome only by following a few things…..

1. Understand the situation

Depressed mood can be situational or chemical.

Situational depressed mood occurs after certain big incidents happening in your life as a death in a family, loss of a job, divorce, and fight in a family. These kinds of depression always have an incident associated with them.

Chemical depression has no certain cause. You just feel low. It can strike you even when you are having a perfect life. Usually, a person is born with these kinds of depression.

So it’s important to assess the type of depression you are having to treat it properly.

2. Plan to do things that make you feel good

The best remedy for your depressed mood is to treat yourself with things you usually love or like to do. It might be good food, a pampering spa, shopping, watching movies, travel, reading books, listening to music, joining a sports activity like cycling or swimming or even a brisk walk…anything you love to do to alleviate your mood. For some, a bucketful of chocolate ice cream does the magic. So think about your mood alleviating ways.

3. Managing Thoughts

When we are in our low mood and succumb to the couch, the worst enemy then is our brain who tells us that ‘you are alone ‘ you don’t have friends ‘ no one loves you ‘you are worst at your work and your boss hates you ‘you are a loser and all other negative things. This may not be true. So to get rid of all those thinking you’ve to keep your brain active by doing what you like such as meditation, yoga, reading books, meeting friends, cooking… You can’t keep your brain idle. So, find out ways to keep your brain busy!

4. Take a stroll

If it is possible to go for a walk. Walking has its own benefit.

Walking encourages deep breathing which causes a calm down effect quickly. The motion while walking somehow encourages our thinking. The rhythm of the walk and the increased oxygen intake control the situation which was uncontrolled a few minutes back. Moreover, any exercise releases dopamine which improves the low and depressed mood instantly.

So put your walking pairs and go for a stroll. The fresh air and the other factors will help you come out of your depression.

5. Sharing reduces burden

Sharing your state of mind is the best thing to get rid of your depression and low mood. It is said that things you keep inside are four times more intense than what is spoken. And more importantly, if you share you might find various ways to deal with it. So talk! Talk to a friend, a life coach, your partner or even a therapist. Seeking medical help doesn’t mean you are weak and can’t handle the situation…it means you need someone to listen while you vent out all those thoughts of your brain out into the world.

6. Find a friend

I know it’s horrible to get out of your bed take your phone out and call that friend of yours who will listen to you and will try to alleviate your mood. But again having a friend to whom you can put your heart out or even share your situation with a friend is always beneficial than keeping things stacked up inside you for long. So choose that one friend who will not give you the pressure of “get over it” and talk. Talking is the best remedy.

7. Write it down

When you can’t speak to people you speak to yourself. The best way to do it is by scribbling those thoughts into a piece of paper. Writing takes out those thoughts inside your brain to a piece of paper and you feel light.

8. Talk to a Doctor

If nothing works to reduce your depression or low mood your last resource is to consult a doctor.

A psychiatrist is the best person to talk to. Kolkata Psychiatrist, Dr Sagnik Mukherjee is the best person to talk.

Now, why do you need to consult a doctor? If this low mood and depression don’t relieve and are constant then there might be an underlying disease causing the problem. A thorough check-up is needed to rule out any medical underlying cause underneath the constant prolonged depression.

Remember, a doctor will never judge you and they are there only to listen to your problem and give a remedy to you. So if you can’t do anything about your depression just visit a doctor, talk to them.

Depression or feeling lonely goes away on its own if properly managed. If left untreated this will become a big worry in your life. So recognize your problem, try to solve it by mentioned ways and if still, it persists go visit a Doctor. There is no harm in visiting a doctor for your low mood. Just like fever, cough, sore throat or insomnia depression is also a disease and early diagnosis and treatment can resolve it totally. Consult Dr Sagnik Mukherjee, the best psychiatrist in kolkata.

So help yourself by recognizing and accepting it. You can do it!!

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Dr. Sagnik Mukherjee is a highly regarded psychiatrist in Kolkata, bringing over a decade of experience in mental health to his practice. With a medical degree from Chittaranjan Hospital and an MD in psychiatry, his expertise spans adult psychiatry, geriatric psychiatry, child psychiatry, depression, anxiety-related disorders, and relationship issues. He has built a strong professional foundation, having worked at esteemed institutions such as Chittaranjan Hospital, SVS Medical College & Hospital, KPC Medical College, and Iris Hospital. His clinic is known for its advanced technology and state-of-the-art infrastructure, providing personalised mental health care, including medication management, individual and group therapy, and specialised services for substance abuse and eating disorders. His holistic approach takes into account lifestyle, diet, environment, and family dynamics when creating effective treatment plans. Additionally, he’s a respected TV speaker on social issues and offers online consultations for patient convenience, making him a trusted figure in the field of psychiatry in Kolkata.