Tip 1 – You are not responsible for your anxiety so shout it out. You can talk to a trusted friend but if you can’t do that then shout, is release your inside voice, like a child. Find a place and shout it out.

Tip 2-Get moving Exercise, when we are anxious exercise is last thing that can come in our mind but exercise is one of the best natural anti-anxiety solutions. Do it for 30 minutes daily for at least 3-4 days in a week. It will work like magic.

Tip 3-You can stop using caffeine It is understandable that a cup of good coffee or ice-cold coke might help you feel better in anxious situations but if the situation will changes and caffeine will become your to-go drug then it will worsen the scenario. 

Tip 4-Sleep, Sleep Well, Sleep Tight We know that adequate sleep is good for mental health, so we have nothing to add more, just sleep for 7-8 hours when your are anxious. Give yourself a complete bed time.

Tip 5-Learn how to say ‘no’ and feel good about it: Saying ‘NO’ is not easy, in few personality development classed, experts teach students how to say ‘No’ when required. So, stop yourself doing unwanted things and stop people giving you their chores.

Tip 6-Skipping meals is a bad idea: Skipping meal drops sugar level in body and helps releasing cortisol hormone, and when you are already vulnerable to anxiety, it is not a good idea. Furthermore eating whatever we like gives us satisfaction and good comfort food always pulls us from grave.

Tip 7-Make an exit strategy, Make your own exit strategy, if playing computer games giving you and exit sign then go for it. In this situation do whatever you like, do not allow other people to choose activity for you.

Tip 8-Live the moment In most of the cases we forget how to live the moment by over thinking the situation or the upcoming or ongoing anxious situations.  It is important to live in the moment.

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