How to Avoid Annoying People?

The truth is that the majority of people we meet at the work are nice, considerate and caring. But yes, there are inconsiderate people who are annoying and it is important to avoid them for the elevation of good spirit and maintain great work culture. But the question is how to deal with annoying people at work?

Stay calm:
The very important part is to stay calm so that you don’t do anything out of anger and regret later. If we can practice staying calm, we can take constructive action later.

Getting mad, staying mad:
Sometimes, if we can get ourselves annoyed and angry, that bad mood will tag along for a long time. be careful about that.

You stay calm to annoy the annoying one:
Do not lose your cool, stay cool to cut the source of satisfaction of annoying people and see how they become annoyed. Getting annoyed really harms no one but you.

Don’t make it easier:
Getting angry frequently means we have started a cycle of anger and it makes easier for annoying people to annoy you next time.

Getting annoyed engraves the bad memory:
Any experience that happens or triggers with strong emotion it can be engraved in our mind for a long time for forever and the bad memory keep coming back years after years.

We should feel sorry!
Hating annoying people is really a waste of time, instead of that we must feel sorry for them. They feel bad about themselves and it reflects in their behaviours.

It’s not about you:
Most annoying people you will meet are not targeting you personally; this is their nature of treating everyone and also remembers sometime they have absolutely no idea that their behaviour is annoying you.

You laugh, have fun:
Most of the annoying situations are pathetic and ridiculous and if we can think about them, they are actually funny

It can be an honest mistake:
We have to be open-minded while accepting the truth that people can do mistakes. Before going too deep we must once think about it and talk to the person when possible.

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