Be Positive and Motivated:

Don’t let things get you down, no parent is perfect. Remember small changes in your parenting can really improve things.

Every day find time and space to do some small things you enjoy.

Share your experience with other parents. Get online or call your friends.

Let all family members know what is expected of them:

Agree house rules-then get the children’s buy into the rules.

Keep rules simple – pick the ones that really matter.

Put rules on a display so that everybody can see them.

Parents must work together so children don’t play one parent off against another.

The child should have self-confidence and trust in you:

Children act up if they are feeling uncertain or anxious – take time to listen to them.

Give children lots of positive feedback – do tasks together where praise can be given.

Do things you enjoy together as a family – it’s an opportunity to praise and build confidence.

The child should follow instructions:

Move to the same room, remove distractions, and make eye contact before giving an instruction.

Speak slowly in short and simple sentences – one idea per sentence.

Be polite, calm but firm – don’t plead, respect breeds respect.

Give a warning when asking your child to stop something they enjoy.

Better behavior should be encouraged:

Use rewards to encourage your child to follow rules.

Only use sanctions, for instance by taking something your child value, as a last resort to discourage really bad behavior.

Make it clear that you are rewarding or sanctioning – don’t get into debates. Do not use corporal punishment.

Always follow through on what you promise.

Record reward on a chart as soon as possible after the reward has been given.

Avoid Conflicts:

Keep your child occupied and work to routines – plan each day.

Avoid situations that provoke you or your child.

Distract your child if they start getting upset. Talk about something they enjoy or find funny.

If you are starting to overreact get back, take a breath, and collect your thoughts before continuing.

Make a quiet and safe space at home where you or your child can go to calm down.

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