For the past two decades, we know that Aamir Khan is a perfectionist! Many admire him for that, and with that visionary, many of his fans try to become or act like a perfectionist. Now if we said that it is a broad personality disorder or a type of OCD it may start a brawl. But the truth is truth or in this case psychiatry.

You can be a perfectionist and if you want to confirm how much perfectionism you have been honest and go through this article. Now it is required, also important for you to educate yourself know how much you can bend yourself, or push to the limit to achieve the goal of perfection.

By observing traits of perfectionists they can be differentiated from high achievers

Almost Perfect: High achievers accept failures or semi-success situations but perfectionists cannot accept almost perfect.

Greatly Critical: perfectionists do not mercy themselves in order to achieve perfection. High achievers feel proud of their achievements as well as support others but perfectionists keep spotting mistakes & imperfections.

Pushed by Fear of Being Imperfect:  high achievers feel happiness while taking right steps towards goal and they do not have excessive fear of losing but perfectionists are always pushed by the fear of being imperfections. 

Touching the Moon: High achievers set their goal realistic and enjoys the fun of the journey but perfectionists always set initial goals unrealistic.

Level of Depression: High achievers can easily accept the failure without going into great depression but for perfectionists this is a ‘do or die’ scenario and the go into depression.

Defensive play:  failure is end of the world to perfectionists and for that they always take defense to avoid criticism but to high achievers this is a play of reasoning.

Low Self-Esteem: High achievers are always infused by high self esteem but perfectionists tend to have low self esteem.

If being a perfectionist is not enjoyable anymore, or if you think it is cracking your happiness and mental satisfaction then try to seek professional help, book an appointment with a Kolkata psychiatrist, Dr Sagnik Mukherjee.

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