No early behaviors or test results will guarantee your kid’s future, there are still some signs to look out for when your child is younger so you can help nurture their blossoming brain.

Their memory is exceptional; they know where a toy was hidden or quickly recognize faces and locations

They look and absorb from outer world, they can surprise you by taking the mobile and speaking their language in it.

They can find the link between two things or events, like if you are boiling water, they can show their finger to the tea container.

They prefer to stay closer with the older group or adults, not always but yes, most of the time.

They learn the language quickly, whether it is the mother tongue or the sign language, smart kids learn quickly.

They sleep less, yes researches and observations point to the fact that smarter kids are not good sleepers.

They can have sense of humor and they learn social skills quickly, in one word their personality is bold

They develop compassion, love, and understanding at very early stage

They changes positions quickly, they always want mental stimulation, and they get bored quickly

They love hobbies, like collecting something and organising them in one or many orders, or like solving puzzles

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