1. You Always Imagine The Worst Outcomes And Start Panicking

2. You Run Away From Social Gatherings To Avoid Being Judged

3. You’re Constantly Haunted By The Fear Of Getting Caught

4. You Make Fewer Friends To Keep Your Anxiety At Bay

5. You Tend To Over Analyze Everything Down To Its Last Atom

6. You dread the future more than anticipate it

7. You replay past actions and conversations in your mind

8. You think it’s always your fault

9. You keep comparing yourself with others

10. You Obsess over the tiniest details, and strive to be a perfectionist. 11. You get irritated easily, when people or situations don’t go according to your plans

None of us are adept in controlling every situation we’re in. Yes we can plan things and formulate strategies, but have no control over every possible factor that can influence the event to go astray. But anxiety restricts you from understanding this.

When things don’t go according to your plan, you tend to panic and envision all the repercussions it can have on the future. The fear of losing things things to uncertainty grips you at your core and makes you suffer episodes delusions and even panic attacks in extreme cases.

Peculiarly, it sometimes manifest as fits of rage in an attempt to resist any further stress. This sucks out all the peace and positivity from the atmosphere, leaving behind a mind filled with fear and uncertainty.

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