Kolkata Psychiatrist Dr Sagnik Mukherjee helps you to spot a Mood Disorder.

When we are thinking of mood disorders such as depression & anxiety, we picture nail-biting, crying, and the inability to get out of bed from under the covers. Although these things do happen, there are a number of other more not so visible signs someone has a mood disorder, and they’re not always as obvious to pinpoint.

Moving at a Slow Pace

People with mood disorders often move at a slower pace physically. Those with depression especially can experience slowed speech, decreased movement, and impaired cognitive function

Sudden Changes in Sleep Patterns

Someone with a mood disorder may end up sleeping a lot, or they find it difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Sudden Changes in Eating Habits

Some individuals stop eating when experiencing depression, but others turn to eat as a coping skill, which means they start eating a lot.

Increased Migraines

Sometimes mood disorders can manifest themselves in physical symptoms such as migraines.

Disregard for Appearance

Just because someone doesn’t like to wear makeup doesn’t make them depressed, but a decrease in personal hygiene or sudden lack of taking care of their appearance is a noticeable symptom.

Ditching Plans

When someone who is a consistent person starts to back out of things, not show up for plans, not return calls and messages — this should be a warning sign,

Some other warning signs of a person’s latent depression are as follows

Shopping a Lot

Crying Over Little Things

Back Pain

Trouble Concentrating


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