Psychiatrists around the globe are much more worried about high-functioning depression, because you can have extreme successful or perfect life and high-functioning depression side by side like to friends holding hands, and eventually the 2nd friend will help you to commit suicide. Consulting a psychiatrist will help you overcome depressions. Dr Sagnik Mukherjee, the Best Psychiatrist in Kolkata will help you overcome High- Functioning Depression.

If someone has 5 or more of the below-mentioned symptoms for more than two weeks, it is considered that the person is suffering from depression. Consult Kolkata Psychiatrist, Dr Sagnik Mukherjee the best psychiatrist in Kolkata.

Depressed or sad mood

Easily annoyed or short-tempered.

Loss of interest or enjoyment in hobbies or activities that was previously enjoyed

Feeling guilty or worthless

Thoughts of death or suicide

Poor concentration

Difficulty making decisions

Feeling restless or slow

Feeling tired or fatigued

Overeating or loss of appetite

Weight loss or weight gain

Changes in sleep pattern

On this date, depression can hit anyone!

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