Quitting smoking is hard, but why?

Whether you are a spoilt teen with bad habits or a stylish man who smokes a few packets every day quitting is hard, even after knowing the related health risk and even after seeing cancer patients every day on the back of the pack.

Both physical and psychological addictions are behind the tobacco smoking habit. Regular consumption makes your system dependent on nicotine addiction and that brings many withdrawal symptoms as cravings.

Cigarette smoking is related to relieving stress, depression, anxiety as well as overcoming boredom, so, quitting smoking means trying to find an alternative & healthier way of living.

In order to stop smoking, a person will need to take care of the addiction part as well as the regularity of routine that comes with it. With the right psychiatric and psychological support, any smoker can kick this life taking addiction out of life. It does not matter if you have tried multiple times and failed to do so. Book your appointment for any type of deaddiction treatment with the Best Psychiatrist in Kolkata.

The Personal Quit Smoking Plan:-

Some smokers can quit without any extra effort or special plan by just eating much, but many of them need a personalized plan to overcome this problem and for that, we need an expert, a Kolkata Psychiatrist to look after the changes in body and mind and to plan the next move accordingly. 


Ask Your Self:-

Am I a heavy smoker and finish more than one packet every day?

Is it possible for me to quit it slowly with a nicotine patch?

Do I need to smoke after every meal I take and drink tea, coffee?

Is my smoking habit is related to any group or friend or activity? 

Do I smoke cigarettes only when I am feeling stressed or depressed?  Is my smoking habit is related to alcohol consumption or habit of gambling, or playing video games, watching movies, etc?

Maintain a “craving for the smoking” record:

Every day maintain one record, like a quick note with the date and time stamp on your mobile or in a diary.

1. What Time?

2. How deep was the craving?

3. What was the involved activity when the craving started?

4. Who was with you?

5. How was the feeling at that time? Record both psychical and mental issues. 6. How did you feel just after the smoke?

There are some common nicotine withdrawal symptoms:

Cigarette cravings

Irritability, frustration, or anger

Anxiety or nervousness

Difficulty concentrating


Increased appetite




Increased coughing


Constipation or upset stomach


Decreased heart rate

You and you alone can stop smoking and also help others to quit. Seek professional help when required and be strong.

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Dr. Sagnik Mukherjee (MBBS; MD; MIPS; MIAPP) is a professional consultant psychiatrist in Kolkata. He is experienced and has been practising psychiatry for the last 10 years. Dr. Sagnik is one of the most trusted mental health doctors. His areas of interest are adult psychiatry, geriatric psychiatry, child psychiatry, depression, anxiety, and relationship issues He has been invited to speak on social issues on TV numerous times. He accepts every patient, providing them adequate time and helping them overcome challenges. He offers excellent psychiatric service and expert guidance related to mental health. Dr. Sagnik offers solutions without any side effects. The patient will be able to receive effective therapy within a short period of time.