What Causes Parents to be Uninformed About Mental Health Issues?

It is often said that the most important thing a parent can do for their children is to love and care for them. However, what is sometimes overlooked is the importance of recognising and addressing any mental health disorders that may be present in a child.

Unfortunately, most parents are unaware of the warning signs of mental health conditions in their kids, which can lead to delayed diagnosis and treatment. This post will discuss some of the reasons why parents may not be aware of mental health issues in their children and offer advice on how to address this problem.

When it comes to raising children, parents are always on the lookout for their kids’ physical health and giving sophisticated life. From providing them with the best opportunities in life to ensuring that they are safe and secure but parents miss out on the signs and symptoms shown by their children. Let us look at the reasons why parents are unaware of mental health disorders in their children.

Parents are often the last to know when their child is experiencing mental disorders. There are many reasons for this,


The fact that children are often reluctant to talk about their problems and may not show obvious signs of distress. Additionally, parents may be reluctant to believe that their child is struggling.

Unfamiliar with Mental Health Symptoms and Signs:

Parents may not be familiar with the mental health symptoms and signs of mental illness. However, the reality is that mental health problems are common among children and adolescents, and parents must be aware of the potential warning signs.

Common Signs of Mental Health Issues

Some common signs that a child may be experiencing mental health issues include withdrawal from friends and activities, changes in eating or sleeping habits, mood swings, and acting out in school. If you notice any of these changes in your child, it is important to reach out to a qualified mental health professional for an evaluation. With early intervention, many children can get the help they need to improve their mental health.

Mental Disorders with Children and Adolescents

There are a variety of mental disorders that can present themselves during childhood or adolescence. Some of the more common ones include Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, bipolar disorder, and anxiety disorders. Each of these disorders comes with its own set of symptoms and risk factors. For example, Autism Spectrum Disorder is characterised by difficulty with social interaction and communication, while Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is characterised by impulsivity and hyperactivity.

Bipolar disorder is characterised by extreme mood swings, while anxiety disorders are characterised by excessive worry and fear. Depressive disorder is characterised by persistent sadness and low energy, while mood disorders are characterised by abnormal changes in mood. Defiant disorder is characterised by rebellious and aggressive behaviour. While each of these disorders can be difficult to deal with, there are treatments available that can help people manage their symptoms. By giving mental health care, people with mental disorders can lead happy and fulfilling lives.

How do you address mental disorders?

Mental disorders are a growing concern in today’s society. Many children and adults suffer from conditions such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, OCD, and more. While there are many ways to address mental disorders, one of the most important is to focus on the health of children. Mental well-being is essential for healthy development, and early intervention can make a big difference in a child’s life. There are many ways to promote mental well-being in children, such as encouraging positive self-talk, promoting physical activity, and teaching coping skills. By focusing on the mental health of children with various treatment plans, we can help to address mental disorders in our society.

Most parents are struggling to keep up with their children’s activities and schedules. They don’t have the time or knowledge to deal with mental health issues, so they end up ignoring them. As a result, mental health problems often go undetected and untreated. If you think your child might be suffering from a mental illness, don’t grieve in silence to reach out to a professional for help. Dr Sagnik Mukherjee is an expert psychiatrist in Kolkata and can provide mental health treatment to your child to get back on track. Contact him today to schedule a consultation.

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