List of tips and ideas to help children with anxiety or worry

List of tips and ideas to help children with anxiety or worry

Talk to your child’s doctor

Empathize with your child. Validate your child’s emotions.

Teach your child about anxiety

Teach your child to identify the worry signs

Explain how being a little worried is good and useful

Let them understand that everybody has worries or anxieties

Explain the risks of avoidance behaviours

Help your child write down his worries on a paper

Keep a Worry Journal / Thought Diary

Help your Child Challenge Worry Thoughts

Establish a “Worry Time”

Create a “Worry Box”

Teach Problem-Solving Abilities

Teach Your Child How to Be Assertive

Approach Problems & Fears One Step at a Time

Lazy 8 Breathing

Belly Breathing (diaphragmatic breathing or abdominal breathing)

Yoga Breathing Techniques

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Stress balls


Practice Yoga with your Kids


Write down worries & Dispose of them

Change worry thoughts into happy thoughts


Play a board game with a sibling

Read an interesting book

Listen to music

Listen to a relaxation audio

Sit your kid in your lap and give her soothing cuddle time

Warm bath /Shower

Use a weighted blanket

Use a weighted vest

Look at a Sensory Bottle or Calming Jar

Essential Oils

Sensory Swin

Prepare a “Calm Down Kit”

Have a calm down plan ready

Create a relaxation ritual

Create a Calm Down Space/ Room Encourage Positive Self-Talk

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