The Exam Phobia

It may sound like excuses but stomach ache, vomiting, blackout, trembling and feeling unsuccessful are actual experiences a student can have during or before the exam.

The examination phobia is a mixture of tension and anxiety we usually experience during exams, and it is so common that many of us do experience a certain amount of anxiety during our exams. It is also called Examophobia.

The examination needs lots of planning and students put great effort to bring good marks or grades and they come extremely worried. This phobia can make students sick and they cannot deal with the exam fear. Symptoms include sweating, palpitation, etc make them puzzle and they eventually lose control over exams. It increases the feeling of failure, guilt, and even suicidal thoughts.

Although anxiety is normal in humans it creates an adrenaline rush in a good way but few people cannot handle it due to negative consequences. When you are struggling to handle it better consult the Best Psychiatrist in Kolkata.

Exam anxiety is:

1. Worrying excessively about the exam

2. Fear of Evaluation

3. Unpleasant feelings and thoughts of consequences

Possible Causes can be divided into three categories:

1. Environmental Causes

2. Poor studying styles

3. Psychological factors

(I) Environmental Causes

1. High expectations of the family members

2. Pressure from high ambitious parents

3. Peer pressure or the fear of social status

4. Comparison with other students, relatives, & close friends.

5. Fear of teachers and their insulting remarks.

(II) Poor studying styles:

  1. The inefficiency of the student

A. the entire syllabus is not covered

B. memory loss over the coursebook

C. studying hard right before the exam

  •  The ineffectiveness

A. Reading without subject or understanding.

B. Unable to gather the study material

C. Fail to make revision notes.

C. Not revising properly.

(III) Psychological factors:

1. The feeling of losing control over the exam partially or totally.

2. Negative thoughts

3. self-criticism

4. Feeling irritation while thinking about examinations and result

5. The fear of losing respect due to a bad result

6. Irritation due to high expectations or targets.

7. Predictions

8. Lower self-esteem

9. Fear of failure


Dr Sagnik Mukherjee, Kolkata Psychiatrist gives you Exam Anxiety Symptoms.

A very minor nervousness to a severe panic attack can be the symptoms of exam anxiety. In any case, it can sabotage the exam. If it is possible, naturally or by practice to keep yourself calm and learn fear management can be a possible way out.

1. Physical symptoms like nausea, diarrhoea, headache, excessive sweating, rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, lightheadedness as well as feeling faint can be seen. Test anxiety can cause panic attacks and can make the victim experience being out of breath and having a heart attack.

2. Emotional symptoms like Feelings of anger, fear, disappointment as well as helplessness are common emotional responses to test anxiety.

3. Difficulty concentrating, negative thoughts and comparison to others are common symptoms of test anxiety and can be considered as behavioural or cognitive symptoms.

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