Mood disorders can greatly obstruct our daily activities, required tasks and can make us to fail in the fulfillment of our life demands.  In some people, especially in children mood disorder can create physical symptoms also like headaches or stomachaches. These symptoms depend of what type of mood disorder they are suffering from.

General symptoms of mood disorder may include:


Loss of interest in activities one once enjoyed

Eating more or less than usual

Difficulty sleeping or sleeping more than usual




Feeling “flat,” having no energy to care

Feeling isolated, sad, hopeless, and worthless

Difficulty concentrating

Problems making decisions

Feelings of guilt


Thoughts of dying and/or suicide



Causes of Mood Disorder


The exact causes of mood disorder are unknown, but it can be said that a variety of contributing factors are there and they are most likely to run through the genetic line of a family. Sometimes symptoms of mood disorders can be seen in patients due to chemical imbalance in bran.

Factors like stress, death of a close one, trauma can trigger depression and it is quite easier in people who already have it in as genetic component.


A mental health professional, like a psychiatrist must evaluate all symptoms of mood disorder, if any of the above mentioned symptoms is tormenting your life, specially if you are having suicidal thoughts then please do  not waste any time, please visit a kolkata psychiatrist.

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Diagnosis may include:

  1. Psychical Exams
  2. Lab Tests
  3. Psychiatric Evaluation

First two tests are for ruling out any or multiple physical reasons.

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