Kolkata Psychiatrist Dr Sagnik Mukherjee says “It’s perfectly normal to feel nervous in social situations where we might come under the attention of others, whether they’re strangers or people we know. Attending a formal, family function, giving a speech at a wedding, doing a presentation to work colleagues are likely to cause nervousness and anxiety, both in the lead-up and during the event.”

Dr, Mukherjee also says “For people with social phobia, performing in front of others and social situations can lead to intense anxiety and They may fear being judged, criticized, laughed at or humiliated in front of others, even in the most ordinary, everyday situations. For example, the prospect of eating in front of others at a restaurant can be daunting for some people with social phobia.”


1. performance situations

2. Involving social interaction

3. Social phobia can also be specific; where people fear a specific situation or a few situations related to a specific fear.


Common symptoms of social anxiety include physical symptoms and psychological symptoms. The physical symptoms that can be particularly distressing for people with social phobia include:

excessive perspiration


blushing or stammering when trying to speak

nausea or diarrhea

These physical symptoms often cause further anxiety as the person fears others will notice – even though these signs are usually barely noticeable to those around them.

People with social phobia also worry excessively that they will do or say the wrong thing and that something terrible will happen as a result.


Have you felt very nervous or embarrassed when faced with social situations or events? For example:

meeting unfamiliar people

being observed (e.g. eating, drinking, talking on the phone, or writing in front of others)

performing in front of others

Have you avoided a situation because of your phobia? For example, have you:

not gone to certain interactions or events

found it hard to go about your daily life

If yes, you may be experiencing social phobia.

​treatment options:

Social phobia is treatable and seeking professional support is the first step to recovery. There are two main types of effective treatments for social phobia; psychological treatments will generally be the first line of treatment. In some severe cases, medication can also be effective. Book your appointment with the best psychiatrist in Kolkata.

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Dr. Sagnik Mukherjee (MBBS; MD; MIPS; MIAPP) is a professional consultant psychiatrist in Kolkata. He is experienced and has been practising psychiatry for the last 10 years. Dr. Sagnik is one of the most trusted mental health doctors. His areas of interest are adult psychiatry, geriatric psychiatry, child psychiatry, depression, anxiety, and relationship issues He has been invited to speak on social issues on TV numerous times. He accepts every patient, providing them adequate time and helping them overcome challenges. He offers excellent psychiatric service and expert guidance related to mental health. Dr. Sagnik offers solutions without any side effects. The patient will be able to receive effective therapy within a short period of time.