Have You Missed Your Kid’s Anxiety?

It is quite hard to tell when they are suffering from anxiety, but there are few sign they show us:

When they seemed worried, would tell us that their stomach hurt.

When out of the blue, they talk like “what if a bear comes in our house when we are sleeping.”

Even though they enjoy activities, like drawing, swimming but suddenly refusing to do those activities

Suddenly they need parent’s assistance to go and fall asleep

When they are questing like adults such as “how much milk in the bowl of cereal, like that.

So, more precisely

Unreasonable fears about normal daily routines

Trouble sleeping

Refusing to go to school or other activities

Increased tantrums and meltdowns

When these are happening please do, ask yourself below mentioned questions:

Do I spend a large portion of my day comforting my child’s fears?

Does my child frequently have stomach aches or headaches?

Are my child’s outbursts impacting our entire family?

To support your child in these situations Make these six simple adjustments

Ignore Avoidance

When children have anxiety, they avoid certain things. This may be a place or an activity, it sounds like a double negative, but do your best to avoid these avoidances. Do not allow your child to miss going to soccer practice.

Be positive and teach self-talk

Teach your kids about positive self-talk. Help them learn how to label their emotions properly so that they can work through any troubling emotions.

Calm yourself down before approaching a meltdown

Raising a child who suffers from anxiety can be absolutely exhausting for parents.  It is challenging to stay composed when your child is throwing a catastrophic meltdown about something you can’t even pretend to understand.

Do not just wait for the problem to go away

Your child may need help from a mental health professional to help understand and work through their emotions.

Exercise, diet, and sleep

A balanced lifestyle will help provide a stable ground for your child. Do your best to provide sufficient opportunities for exercise, a balanced diet, and appropriate amounts of sleep.

Focus on fun experiences

Provide your child with a non-digital experiences to relax and enjoy life.

Child Psychiatric problems need mental health treatment and the right treatment plan designed by an expert at the right juncture. One should consult an experienced Child Mental Health Professional to give the child a good quality of life and a bright future.

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