There are several strategies for dealing with fear, which should help to depend on the nature of your fears and the severity. Serious phobias may require the advice and intervention of a physician, but for less serious cases, some of these tips may be helpful.

1. Talk about it

They say that a problem shared is a problem halved and you can apply the same principle to fear. Talking about what scares you with others and discussing it can really help you to put your fears into context and into perspective. Perhaps your friends also have similar fears? And knowing that you are not alone can be a source of comfort and help you to face them.

2. Face your fears

Facing your fears will make those fears become weaker and when you realise that you are stronger than your fears, you can do anything!

3. Visualization

Visualization can be used for facing all kinds of fears and tricking your mind into reacting in a way that helps you, rather than paralyses you.

4. Breathe!

Deep breathing can help to activate the body’s relaxation response and counteract the fight-or-flight response.

5. Reward yourself

A few times a day, you should acknowledge that you are doing ok. Feel good about yourself is important, stand tall in front of a mirror and see the reflection, enjoy!

6. Take time out

Going for a run, playing with the dog, chatting with a friend or reading a book are ways of turning off the fear button and will give you a chance to regroup and ‘live to fight another day’.

7. Find the root of your fear

Distractions can be a short-term fix for dealing with fear, but if you can figure out the root of your fear, it will give you the opportunity to look at things objectively and rationally and perhaps realise that the fears are not based on anything substantial and are, in fact, all down to your imagination!

Facing and overcoming your fears using any of the above techniques can help you, for further if you need effective help Book your appointment with a Psychiatrist Kolkata, Dr Sagnik Mukherjee. 

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