Children’s Day Special: Pandemic Tips for Parents

Happy Children’s Day to all children as well as to their parents, teachers, caregivers.

The entire world is fighting against a great enemy. This is an article will discuss a few points that will give us proper knowledge for the betterment of the mental health of our children.

Keep Reassuring Your Child

It is quite important to reassure your child. Listen to their concerns and try to answer them and spend time with them. In this outbreak situation, they need your good attention, like reading bedtime stories for them.

Don’t Disconnect

Physical distancing from friends is very distressing for a child. Encourage your child to communicate with friends and close relatives regularly. It can be like a talk time every day. You also try to show interest in their conversation or leave them alone, it depends on how comfortable your child is.

Try to Manage Anxiety

It is very normal that your child is getting anxious in this pandemic situation. Try to understand the emotional state of your child and avoid being judgmental, the wrong thing most parents do becomes so much judgmental. Do not avoid their question related to COVID, include them in family conversion about the COVID-19 outbreak.

Provide Them Clear Information

While giving them information, do not add lots of news and reports just make facts clear to your children, modify them as per requirement, and modify the language or presentation not the actual fact.

Indoor Activities are Required

During this pandemic, it is quite normal that your child is getting bored. To avoid that engage them in indoor activities like exercise, playing board games, solving puzzles, playing long lost games like we used to play during the ’80s or ’90s. Don does not allow them to play computer games for a long time or watch TV just because they are not disturbing you and you are getting more time to spend with your mobile.


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