The borderline personality disorder creates self-image issues in the affected person and that includes difficulty in the management of behaviour as well as emotions. In this situation, the person’s feeling about self and others is destroyed or affected and it hampers the normal functionality of everyday life.  

Symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder

The affected person experiences an unstable as well as dysfunctional self-image like a distorted sense of self.

The person suffering from BPD can go into emptiness, boredom and feel the isolation.

In this condition, people can lose the feeling of empathy for others.

It is possible that the intense love, affection, and idealization turns into eternal hatred.

The person suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder can have a persistent fear of being neglected or rejected.

A long-time mood swing can be visible in BPD patients that can last from a few hours to days.

A strong feeling of depression, worry, and anxiety can grasp the patient.

It is very risky when the person develops self-destructive and dangerous ideas inside. He or she becomes risky and impulsive. Symptoms like reckless driving, abusive consumption of drugs, alcohol and unsafe sex can be seen at a certain stage. A deep sense of hostility can be felt by the patient.

When to meet a psychiatrist for the treatment of borderline personality disorder
If the patient can detect these above-mentioned signs & symptoms can immediately meet a psychiatrist or mental health doctor. 

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What Causes BPD:
It is not always clear why borderline personality disorder develops in a person. Environmental factors like negligence & abuse, be genetically inherited or it can happen due to brain abnormalities. Some research point that certain areas of the human brain that involve emotion regulation, aggression as well as impulsivity may not properly function in this case.

As a matter of fact, there is no medical test for the diagnosis of borderline personality disorder, also the diagnosis process is not based on any specific signs or symptoms. It can be properly diagnosed by psychiatrists or mental doctors or mental health professionals. Kolkata Psychiatrist helps you in diagnosing the problems.

Borderline personality disorder can harm many fields of life. It can badly affect relationships, works, school life, social activities as well as self-image.

1. Job loss or frequent job change

2. Leaving education incomplete

3. Involvement in legal issues

4. Conflict in an intimate relationship

5. Creates self-injuring mentality like cutting, burning, etc.

6. Unplanned pregnancy as well as transmitted infections. Accident while driving, involvement in fights

7. Attempting or completing suicide

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