5 Essential Mental Health Tips for College Students

According to Dr Sagnik Mukherjee, who is one of the best Psychiatrists in Kolkata, five simple tricks can be applied to enjoy healthy college life. It is true that going to college is exciting to us as well as it is quite challenging. There are many changes and so many emotional aspects are involved. Here we present 5 Essential Mental Health Tips for College Students.


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What! Oh, we want you to sleep! Researches show that the symptoms of anxiety and depression can be seen vividly in a student if the student is not getting adequate sleep which is 7-9 hours every day! It helps to restore good mental health every time. So, late-night study and catching up with friends can be stressful.


College days are all about eating out, having fun, junk food is a style statement. Know that the junk food you are eating impacts your mood badly. A steady supply of junk food in the human body makes us lose motivation and feel inactive. is homemade food does not go with your college reputation then take protein bars, Eat Vegetables when possible?


Yoga can help, not advanced but a little bit deep breathing, closing eyes and saying ‘OM’ can help college students decrease the level of stress and focus on career and daily targets.


The way of living is a practice of life; well-organized students handle situations better. When it comes to the cleanliness of the home or any living space is the first place that needs to be organized is in a good manner. The comfort of living is required, for that cleanliness and organizing skill is required.


Whatever goes in your life or how busy you are with your friends and life always have healthy communication with your parents first. Make friends with whom you can share your problems and chitchats and whenever feel stressed or in a low mood for any reason reach out and talk. Talk to your friends and if not then with your family a family will not judge you ever and you will have a clear clutter-free mind.

Hope these tips will help students to have a wonderful stress free college life but if symptoms persist make an appointment with the Kolkata psychiatrist, they are not for mad people, but for everybody.

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Dr. Sagnik Mukherjee (MBBS; MD; MIPS; MIAPP) is a professional consultant psychiatrist in Kolkata. He is experienced and has been practising psychiatry for the last 10 years. Dr. Sagnik is one of the most trusted mental health doctors. His areas of interest are adult psychiatry, geriatric psychiatry, child psychiatry, depression, anxiety, and relationship issues He has been invited to speak on social issues on TV numerous times. He accepts every patient, providing them adequate time and helping them overcome challenges. He offers excellent psychiatric service and expert guidance related to mental health. Dr. Sagnik offers solutions without any side effects. The patient will be able to receive effective therapy within a short period of time.