We can tell that we are tired, but what if we are tired mentally? Or we are emotionally exhausted! The mental and emotional exhaustion signs might not that vivid as physical signs. So, how we are going to detect that we are mentally and emotionally down and need to replenish them.

1. We are losing our patience:

Now it is normal to be a little impatient but if we are frequently losing patience then it is a clear sign that we need rest. 

2. We are not sleeping at night:

It is like that, we are taking a long time to fall asleep and waking up frequently during the nighttime.

3. When we are easily irritated:

If little things are annoying to us then it proves that we need a mental and emotional break

4. Experiencing anxiety or panic attack:

Now, this is a serious sign that proves our mental health needs attention ASAP, book your appointment with the best psychiatrist and clear everything to the mental health professional.

5. When we lost our motivation:

Have we lost our interest in doing things that we do normally! Feeling that way is a sign of losing motivation and it tells us that we need a recharge or re-focus. 

6. When we are suffering from indigestion:

Yes! They are connected, stomach conditions can tell us about the level of emotional and mental distress we are getting from the world, we are living in.

7. And…Suddenly you cried!

Tear of joy is different, but tears come out of nowhere and suddenly, it means we are in trouble.

8. We are going far from reality!

This is unusual, but yes it can happen to us when we are mentally and emotionally down. The cord between us and reality gets longer.

In case of mental and emotional distress do not suffer for a long time, it can create some other problem for your mental and social or personal life, talk to a mental health professional about it. Consult Dr Sagnik Mukherjee, Kolkata Psychiatrist.

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