These are eight tips for parents to modify the behaviours of children based of parenting style researches and applied behavioural analysis

To Become a Role Model:

Well, children do learn from what they watch, they observe parents; boys follow fathers in common cases and girls follow mothers. So, instead of telling them what to do, show them what to do and how to do.

Make all rules clear

Always set firm boundaries and limits that are fair to your children and clearly defined for their total understanding.

Explain them further

Give your children explanation why rules set by parents are important, please do not allow your parent ego to stop you doing that.

Correct them as soon as possible

Correct all inappropriate behaviours & rules that goes against the rule yous set as soon as possible.

Correct them constantly and punish them every time

Punish your children every time maintaining a consistency, because sometime punished and sometimes ignored will put them in utter confusion.

Do not forget to appreciate

Appreciation is not an adult thing, If children are doing good then appreciate them instantly without criticising or lecturing on more improvement. It will make them to behave well and obey all rules all the time.  

Please do not reward any inappropriate behaviour

a. If the child is trying to seek attention through an inappropriate behaviour, always ignore that behaviour.

b. If the child is trying to avoid or trying to prevent any activity, make sure you rethink and examine the reason. Evaluate parenting demand for ensuring that it was reasonable & try to make adjustments if possible and if necessary.

Put all in routine

Make and maintain daily routines & stick to everything those are mentioned in the routine.

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