Mental health or psychiatric health and wellness is very important at every stage of our life. It is a fact, as people get older, the risk for mental health problems increases. Changes in life and health issues can directly and significantly impact the mental health and wellness of an older individual that starts affecting the quality of our life. However, keep it in mind that mental health problems are not a normal part of ageing. Sometimes, symptoms of mental health problems in older persons misunderstood by others and their actual problem go undercover that makes them live a painful life till the end.

Few facts about mental health in senior persons will surprise you:

The chance of being suffered from depression is more than Alzheimer’s & Dementia in older people

Between 1 and 5% of seniors who live at home have depression?

Seniors requiring home health services or are in assisted living, are much more prone to depression

The risk for depression increases significantly in case of chronic health issue in the older person or their close ones

Some of the symptoms of depression in older people are as follows:

A persistent sad mood

Changes in appetite (eating more or eating less)

Changes in sleep (too much or too little) & early morning awakening

Feelings of hopelessness or helplessness

Loss of interest in activities once enjoyed

Fatigue or lack of energy or interest

Increased irritability


Thoughts of ending life

Physical ailments that have no medical cause like aches and pains, GI distress, they don’t get better even with treatment

5 Keys to Emotional Wellness:

Have a Conversation

Encourage Social Engagement

Create a Sense of Purpose

Stay Active Showing Love to Others

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