Erectile Dysfunction: Psychological Causes

When it comes to erectile dysfunction or ED we can accuse psychological factors up to 10%-20%. Sometimes it is observed that the ED is nothing but a secondary reaction of an underlying physical problem. The psychological effect of ED can come from childhood abuse or any type of sexual trauma.

The most common psychological reasons for ED are as follows:

Stress: One of the major factors these days is killing us silently from inside every day. Employment-related stress as well as financial to marital stress are on the top of the list.

Anxiety: Along came anxiety, when a man experiences erectile dysfunction he starts worrying that the problem might come back and this creates “performance anxiety” aka fear of sexual failure and as a result a consistent ED grasps him.

Guilt: The guilt is a silent partner of this problem, especially today when the value of relationship can be measured in many ways. A man can feel guilty that he is not capable of satisfying his sexual partner.

Depression: It penetrates a man both physically as well as psychologically. The most interesting thing is that depression can cause ED when a man is actually having a great sexual life. Sometimes ED can drug (therapeutic or non-therapeutic) induced as well.

Low self-esteem: This can be a post effect of ED and it related to the feeling of inadequacy or it can be the result of any other issue which is not related to sexual performance.

Indifference: Aging can be accused here and a subsequent loss of interest in sexual relationships.

When to seek medical advice and treatment?

Every man will experience Erectile Dysfunction at one time or another. But if the problem persists and occurs more than half of the time, or if the sexual partner concerned about it then seek professional help. Therapy and medication can be considered as treatment if the cause of ED is found to be psychological.

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